Make a Difference Everyday: Meet Judie

Judie Caffee, a now recent alumna of AIAM, was an honors Advanced Placement Registered Nursing student. As an Advanced Placement student, this means Judie was already a Licensed Practical Nurse prior to enrolling with AIAM.AIAMNursing

Twelve years ago she came to Central Ohio from her home in West Virginia in search of opportunities in  the medical field. Judie has been working as a LPN for six years in Columbus, and becoming a nurse is something she has wanted to do since high school.

“I have wanted to do this for a very long time, but life always got in the way. Now I finally got my chance! It’s never too late if you have passion.”

Judie began going to school for medical assisting, but was forced to drop-out due to personal issues, however she continued to work in the medical field in various roles, and has about 20 years of total experience.

Nursing can be a taxing role, both emotionally and physically, that’s undisputable.  Judie has experienced some difficult situations in her time as a nurse, especially when she tried her hand working as a nursing home assistant at the beginning of her career.  However, she loves her job, and loves being a nurse.

“You can make a difference for someone every day, not many people get to say that about their job. I have always loved helping people, my aunt was a nurse and she inspired me with her stories.  The urge to help really tugged at my heart and I knew I had to move forward with my plans.”

Judie currently runs a home health care business, and is working as a home health nurse. She is in the process of purchasing the business from its retired owner. In order to move forward and manage all aspects of the business; such as the ability to do case management, Judie has to be a licensed RN, which is what led her to AIAM.

“We work with the elderly, and go to their homes where they are most comfortable. One of my favorite patients just turned 93. She’s so sweet she’s sticky! You don’t mind the hard work it takes because of patients like her.”


Located on the East side of Columbus, her home health care business is blossoming, it has expanded to have its largest number of employees since opening, and has been in business for 20 years.  Because of its success, Judie, Sonia Williams, and her husband are exploring a new venture; starting a STNA class to offer STNA’s the opportunity to learn skills and acquire all the documents needed to enter nursing school themselves.

In fact, current AIAM student Sonia Williams is Judie’s Nursing Supervisor; the two attend AIAM together and are excited to be advancing their skills.

Judie advises if you’re thinking of nursing as a career, you must be sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

“If it’s about the money for you, it’s not for you. You need to have a passion to help a person… that is what nursing is all about. That being said, nursing has so many aspects- it’s a broad career with lots of opportunities to grow, that’s why I am at AIAM!”

Being a mother to 3, working, running a business, and attending school full time is a challenge, but Judie has the drive to make it all work. Because of her dedication, her career as a nurse couldn’t look more promising. She lets her passion for helping others shines through in her bright personality.

“If I can make a patient smile, especially one who has it really rough, that’s my reward, and I get that reward every day when I go to work.”

 Interested in pursuing a career where you can make a difference, everyday? AIAM offers Practical, Registered, and Advanced Placement RN programs! Click here for more information! 


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