About AIAM

The American Institute of Alternative Medicine (AIAM)  is an accredited  combined learning institution and clinic located in beautiful Columbus, Ohio.  AIAM has been educating students in health and wellness for over 20 years. nursingschoolcolumbus

What began as Massage Away, INC a massage school with one program and 14 students, has evolved in to AIAM; with 4 programs and 1,800 alumni practicing worldwide.  AIAMs programs include Master’s level Acupuncture (the only program of this kind in Ohio), Western Massage Therapy, Registered Nursing, and Practical Nursing. In fact, AIAM is home to the only Acupuncture program in Ohio, and the longest-running massage program in Central Ohio.

AIAM takes pride in the diversity of its student population. Students at AIAM gather from different cultural backgrounds to learn alternative therapies with one goal uniting them; helping other people.AcupunctureAIAM

Many AIAM students overcome trying obstacles on a daily basis in order to further their education, meet career goals, and better their lives.  Our students play many roles both on campus, and off. Parents, teachers, employees, volunteers, entrepreneurs; each of our students faces a unique challenge overcome by passion and dedication to their program. These students transition in to careers as caring professionals any employer can be proud of.

“Faces of AIAM,” is meant to introduce AIAM  alumni to the world to show others with a little work, dreams can be achieved. AIAM hopes these stories will allow the public a glimpse in to what the passion behind health and wellness can accomplish!

Thank you AIAM students and alumni, you are the BEST of the BEST!

school history

Visit AIAM: 6685 Doubletree Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43229

Take a look at our programs here: www.aiam.edu

“Like” AIAM here: facebook.com/AIAMColumbus

Call us to schedule a tour of AIAM: 614.825.6255



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